The Ultimate SEO Checklist

Did you know that the top 3 spots on Google receive nearly 60% of all search engine traffic for any given keyword. Not only that, but the #1 spot gets MORE traffic than the total traffic of the #2, 3, 4, and 5 spots COMBINED! So even if you’re on the top page, you’re not guaranteed to get a ton of traffic. And that goes without saying that if you’re on page 2 or beyond, you’re probably not getting enough traffic to convert anything to sales.

“SEOChecklist” is built to make tracking of Top 200+ SEO ranking factors to web masters, website designers, and SEO agencies exactly what needs to be done to rank their websites and clients websites at top of the search engines.

Plus, we will show you exactly how SEO Checklist can help you outrank your competitors’ websites by uncovering the hidden mistakes preventing your site from ranking at the top of the search engines. As a website owner, you know that ranking at the top of the search engines can generate massive amounts of FREE, highly targeted traffic that converts. But getting top rankings can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not following the right roadmap.

On Page SEO Checklist

To be true On–Page SEO is massive.

Yes, the backlinks are silent as the top ranking signals. Well for better outputs you need to target your keywords very precisely with exact On-Page SEO.

But how to achieve it?

Indeed here you are with the best checklist that supports you strongly to optimize every page of your site.


Google loves to understand the words that are at the start of your title tag. You may view in action by just searching the competitive keywords in Google.

Look at the example of “weight loss tips” keyword with two options of headlines

Title #1: Weight Loss Tips: 10 approaches for cracking Pounds

Title # 2: how to fall 10 pounds with these  top weight loss tips

Google responses GREATER to the topic of a Keyword than the other one.

But why?

Being the vital factor the MAIN KEYWORD is at the START of the title tag.


Action Step

Always begin title tag with the target keyword.


The difference of opinion on the super long tail searches is common now. But SEO has to maintain it.


Yes, 6-9 words searches appear in the Google keyword planner, but it exists.

No doubt these long words are uncertain/ unpredictable which you may rank by making use of the modifiers in the title.

Action Step

Modifiers, e.g. 2019, best, review and guide are beneficial to rank in search engines for long-long target keywords. So, use modifiers in the title.


Yes, your H1 tag in content is your page sub headline.

Many blog platforms like Word press automatically cover the target title in the H1 tag.

With this setting in the theme, you are devoid of setting H1 tag at all.

For this look over your page source code, while searching for the article title. If it’s like the following setting, then it’s okay.


Action Step

It’s necessary to set either Keyword or a synonym of it in the H1 tag for better outcomes.


H2 and H3 tags are simple to use but very effective. Surely it’s not a hard task.

Instead, it makes your content easier to understand to the reader.

The point is to add the target keyword minimum of one time in H2/H3 subheadings.

I personally recommend to use H2 Tag once in an article to have main targeted keyword. Rest heading should be fall user H3 tags.

Action Step

Enter the target Keyword either in H2 or H3 subheadings.


New keyword density is all about the prominent Keyword.

Google likes to find the keywords on your page. As soon as it catches the Keyword, it becomes more critical.

Suppose if you want to publish the content about the “office furniture”. You should place it in the first paragraph of the material more prominently also in the mid and end of article, it will be productive otherwise aggressive use of keyword in article may reduce the value in Google eye.

So, avoid using the KEYWORD EARLY in your article.

Action Step

Insert your Keyword in the starting 100 words of your article.


It’s precious to have the right internal linking.

Try to observe the branded site Wikipedia to know the high use of it.  You will come to see with it how to internal link on your target site.

Action Step

The addition of 2-3 internal links is useful.  Use these links to older articles whenever you publish the new material.


Google likes you if you are a lively member of the web.

Remember always the short use of the resources and outbound links sign for “page rank” for yourself. So, avoid it for improved results.

Action Step

Include at least two outbound links to authoritative sites like favourite blogs or news sites or education or government resources) in each portion of your published content.


Indirectly it’s essential, not directly.

With the optimization of images for popular keywords, you may access traffic from Google Image Search.

Action Step

Add images along with Keyword rich alt text.


More frequently most of the blogger is creating the URLs like

Such URLs are more than 50 characters.

Better than this, your URL ought to be sweet and short for targeting the keywords. The more you ease the google, the higher will be your ranking.

Preferably go for the original and short URL to be confident about ranking. Make URL easier as it matters a lot for SEO. Like title tag and content URL is the ideal source to figure out the topic of any page. So, it’s imperative.

Avoid using the date from future post through category if you are using it in URL

Action Step

Create small and impressive URLs with target keywords.


Surely the use of multimedia in the blog post is the excellent source of the valuable higher perceived value.

Though it directly does not raise your page ranking while adding images and screenshots as well as lists pop up the “perceived value of your content”.

Thus with an increase in perceived value you enhance the links that further get more top ranking.

Action Step

Add on any one of the multimedia types, either video/audio or images/lists in the blog post to publish.


The chief source to be efficient in SEO is the nail loading speed.

Google speeds up your ranking with increased speed of loading. Its 100% confirm from Google.

For this purpose, you may use the Page Speed Insights tool of Google for the improved ranking of your site.

Action Step

Make use of the “Google Page Speed Insights tool” to accelerate the target site’s loading speed.

Also, WordPress plugins like WP Rocket as well as WP Smush It successfully target the higher loading speed.


The simpler interface of your site directly relates to better productivity in the form of sales.

In this direction, mention your social media sharing buttons prominently on all of your blog posts and articles.  Make it so, while sharing buttons follow down the page.

Action Step

Set up all action or social sharing buttons more in the front or centre of blog posts or articles.


More high content assures you the better results significantly.

Many graphs like below one prove that the longer content has higher chances of the ranking of competitive keywords.

Undoubtedly the top 10 results are only for the 1600-1800 words nearly.

Action Step

For higher ranking against the competitive keywords, you need to write 1500 words at minimum.


Pay close attention to bounce rate.

It’s vital for SEO as the conversion killer.

You stand with the negative results if people bounce from your page. With it, you get fall/drop from the first page earlier than ever.

The decrease bounce rate is necessary for on page SEO.

For your information, internal links addition is a reliable way to faster the cutting in bounce rate. Thus add internal links at the beginning of the content.

As soon as visitor land on your page the most, probably he/she click happy before going to the thorough view of in-depth content. If internal links are at the start of your content, then you will have more chances of down bouncing rate.

Action Step

Cut off the bouncing rate of the article directly with the addition of internal links at the top of the content.


Create the content with quality meters.

To enhance the quality of content for the target Keyword, make the use of the LSI keywords in the stuff.

Like for the weight loss tips, words like nutrition, diet, and calorie loss or fat splitting are useful LSI keywords.

As soon as google catch these LSI keywords with your target keywords, it gets satisfaction about the “    quality of content”.

Best for you is that to find the LSI keywords for any keyword is simpler than ever now.

Only you need to scroll down to the bottom of Google page where it used to be in the form of “searches related to.”

Get and use these LSI keywords straightforwardly in the article.

Action Step

Make sure the better use of 1-2 LSI keywords in each article.

DWELL TIME (Click Back)

It’s essential for seo just like the bounce rate.

Higher the dwell time, the more you are close to the useful results.

Very efficiently, Google very keenly finds the short clicks against long clicks to know the exact dwell time.

Dwell time stands for the period that your searcher or visitor used to take to stay or view just before hitting back the button.

Higher Dwell Time=higher ranking

Luckily you can better the average dwell time by publishing great, engaging and exciting content to read.

Therefore long clicks are necessary at a minimum because this assures the Google that here on the landing page visitor stay for a time due to the quality or value of the content.

Action Step

Make excellent and exciting content to entertain the reader.  Work hard to make opening paragraphs or linings more appealing and compelling.


Be aware of the importance of authoritative page of the site, i.e. HOME PAGE

The homepage is the power to optimize your content through clicks nearly 90% of sections of the web.

More to the point, the closer page to the homepage, the higher will be ranking in Google.

Minimize the clicks from homepage to rank higher the other target pages. If your clicks are larger than 3 to move from homepage to target page then crucially it misses out many critical Page rank.

(ie. Homepage– >blog–>older posts–>fitness category–>blog post)

For this at back links add links to the important page in the homepage sidebar.

In this way to homepage link few of very that Page Rank directly to those significant pages.

Action Step

Assure that necessary or vital pages are close to the home page within three clicks only.


Rare clicking on your page is the strong signal to Google about your lousy fit for that very Keyword.

With enhanced clicking on your site shows more attraction of the visitors similar to the magnet and make possible the top ranking.


How to achieve the maximum CTR?

For this look at Ad words ad.

You will come to know by Adword ads of competitive keywords that are even less than thousands and in hundreds of split tests. These split tests are close to increasing the click up to maximum.

With this like the ad, you may change your title and description, just like the magnets to boost the clicks.

Suppose you need to optimize your blog or site for “glass water bottles” keywords.

First of all, you look at the Adword ads for this Keyword.

While focusing on a new copy of the ads work out on your title and description.

The phrases for glass water bottle will be BPA free, with straws, reusable and drink like boss etc.

For it, your title tag and description ought to be like


Here you can see the better use of the words that are proving to generate more clicks.

Moreover, you may see the following video for the improved organic CTR.

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