You can analyze the progress of your website by using free SEO analysis tools.

According to Neil Patel:

SEO analysis needs more accuracy in the algorithmic system. You can use the free SEO analyzer tool of Neil Patel to analyze the progress of your site.

If you want search traffic or real organic traffic on your site, then you must follow the report of your website analysis.

You can quickly get to know all the faults in your site that are the main reason behind the low ranking. You can then fix those issues you found in the analysis report. Above and beyond you can never rely on free SEO analysis tools entirely. You can get official results from paid SEO analysis tools.

According to work, you can get a more detailed analysis of your site. It helps you in tracking the progress of your website in real time.

In-depth analysis of your website also allows you to improve the ranking of your site and increase the traffic as well. You can monitor and fix all the problems you find in the analysis.  Get it now!

According to Ahrefs:

You can check top 100 backlinks for any website without any cost. You can do this by using Ahref’s Backlink Checker tool.

Ahrefs is the best and authentic tool used all over the world for SEO purpose. Ahrefs has a wide range of properties and allows you to go through your site entirely.

Ahrefs is used to search keywords for your website, and in fact, you can also spy keywords of your competitors.  You can explore the content of your competitors to check the top ranked keywords.

Ahrefs also allows you to check five most common anchor texts, some backlinks, referring domains and linked to pages of any site.

It also gives you an opportunity to find domain rating and URL rating scores of your website. Ahrefs is capable of doing 16 trillion links that are known, with 176 million domains which are unique.

It also gives 6 billion crawled pages on a daily basis. Ahrefs data is refreshed every 15 minutes of the interval so you can get the more reliable and authentic analysis of your site.

Luckily the backlink index has to up to date with fresh data after every 15 minutes to seize the new link opportunities immediately for you.

It’s still very limited as compared to the full version of our backlink checker, but you can even get lots of value from it for free.