For the best performance of the websites, everyone needs the SEO techniques. Indeed these are of different type.

Search engine optimization is to use the activities for the site/sites through the search engine ranking for online visibility. Being very important to raise the revenue, the information about the SEO types are here.

  1. Black hat SEO
  2. White hat SEO
  3. Grey hat SEO
Types of SEO Infography

Types of SEO Infography

According to “WhatisSEO“:

White hat SEO is the process to use the methods and the systems to enhance the search engine ranking without the afoul of the search engine guideline, largely Google to go higher for the uprightness level.

Have the long lasting web ranking with white hat SEO!

The techniques for its good results take in the highest good quality content development and website HTML customization. In addition, the innovation of the manual efforts and the research add to your efficiency for the better outputs.

The results of white hat SEO are very useful. It’s the source for the growth of ranking as the sound and gradual but lasting progress in ranking.

Black hat SEO treats with the weak points in the search engine algorithm to target the high ranking for the website. Besides that tactics are fully against with search engine instructions.

Despite its level is very low.

However, its techniques include the link spam, key stuffing, hidden text and links with the cloaking.

You may expect the quick and unpredictable as well as the short term development in ranking.

Grey hat SEO is about the practices in between the white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It’s always within affordable prices. To lessen the cost is its main function with the help of the skills rather than the campaign activities.

All the SEO types are the ONLY source to pop up the online presence on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc either through induction or integration of the supporting factors for the website.

The most striking feature about SEO is to maximize the driven force of viewers or visitors for the aimed URL.

With respect to B-SeenOnTop you may explore types of SEO as follows.

On-Page Off-Page

On-Page Off-Page

White hat SEO is strict to follow the search engine rules.

Black hat SEO is not hurdled with the rules of the search engine, therefore, work out of the search engine guideline.

Grey hat SEO comes in the mid of somewhere that might be risky as its exercises are in the guidelines. Examples of it are click-bait, spun, link exchange in addition to the paying for the reviews.

Be aware of the Negative SEO too as it’s the use of the techniques on someone others website with the purpose of harming your competitor to make room for you.

Examples are building of unnatural and unwanted links to the competitor’s website. Also, it works for the stealing of the content as well as hacking/alteration of content.